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  • A Grammar of contemporary English

    Definition: Quirk, Greenbaum, Leech und Svartvik definieren in „A Grammar of contemporary English“ ein Kompositum als eine aus zwei...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 868

  • A Street with No Name

    A Street with No Name Last summer, I wrote about some of the pleasures and peculiarities about living in the country. What I hadn`t come to appre...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 1000

  • A Tribut to Kurt Cobain

    A Tribut to Kurt Cobain It is three years ago, since the „Godfather of Grunge“ killed himself in his luxury house in Seattle. At th...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 1277

  • Aborigines

    18seitige Arbeit über das Gebiet "Aborigines" Die Arbeit behandelt die Themen: Definition, History, Culture, Situation Today

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 7801

  • Aborigines

    The most scientists believe, that the beginning of the Aborigines was about 40,000 years ago. People from Indonesia came to Australia. This was pos...

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  • About A Boy

    About a Boy Nick Hornby Author:Nick Hornby was born in 1957 and worked as a teacher before becoming a full-time writer. His first book ...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 884

  • Achebe, Chinua: Things Fall Apart (Study Guide)

    Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart Study Guide Read the following poem, which is the source of the title of Achebe`s novel:William Butler Yeats:...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 3600

  • Acid Rain

    Speech: ACID RAIN I am presenting my speech about ACID RAIN. 1. INTRODUCTION Acid rain is caused by burning fossil fuels like coal ...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 1200

  • Advertising

    Thomas Gorges 29.Oktober 2000 OT-1-00 Comment „...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 310

  • Albee, Edward

    Biography - Edward Albee Albee was born on March 12, 1928, in Washington, D. C., and adopted at the age of two weeks by Reed and Frances Albee, ...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 1100

  • Albee, Edward Franklin: Who's Afraid of Virginia W

    Milosavljevic Sanela Edward Albee: ”Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”: Author: Edward Albee was born March 12,...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 1100

  • Alcohol


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  • Alcohol and Tobacco

    Table of contents 1.) Alcohol What is alcohol The alcohol content of various drinks Why do people drink alcohol How alcohol affects ...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 1800

  • Allende, Isabell: The House of the Spirits

    THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS by Isabell Allende © Valentin Wegerth, 1999 The plot of the novel stretches from the 30s of our century to th...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 1100

  • Ambrose, David: Mother of God

    Mother of God by David Ambrose Title: The title implies that the book is about a woman inventing something extremely powerful. The boo...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 1219

  • Amensty International

    Amnesty International What is Amnesty International? It’s a worldwide movement which is independent of any government, political party...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 387

  • America

    Grafiken wurden aufgrund ihrer Größe entfernt History The Undiscovered South: Before the first Europeans came to the continen...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 5025

  • American Beauty analysis

    A short analysis of the film “American Beauty” with emphasis on the final scene and with regard to the conceptual presentation of the American Dream

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 3050

  • American Educational System

    American Educational System 1 Types of schools in the US Pupils in America have to attend the following schools: ...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 200

  • American Holidays

    AMERICAN HOLIDAYS: The USA has no official national holidays, only federal holidays. There are eight major holidays: - Thanksgiving Day (...

    Sprache: Englisch Wörter: 261